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You can do anything in Rhino, until you don’t know the command. Even worse, if you haven’t seen it done, before, you will probably struggle to find the method.

I Am The Studio Courses

I Am The Studio is a platform made to teach foundational skills in software and creative skills in design. With more than a dozen courses and new courses monthly in the top CAD, BIM and Design programs at beginner to expert level, we focus on giving students a variety of exposure to design methods, workflows and techniques, so they will be able to solve any design challenge, and shine before colleagues and clients with leading skills.

Course Offering:

  • Complete Rhino Guide For Beginners (5hr)– Learn skillful 3d modeling, surface editing, rendering and project design from chairs to architecture in Rhino
  • Complete Rhino Guide Advanced (5hr)– Learn advanced architectural design and documentation, vray rendering and grasshopper scripting
  • Introduction To Parametric Design With Grasshopper (2 hr) Learn to assemble and develop Grasshopper scripts to inform design and develop parametric design projects with confidence
  • Parametric Paneling & Pattern Scripting In The Swiss Re (Grasshopper, 4 hr) Learn Grasshopper trees, VB scripting, excel import and export, and architectural simulation for tower subsystems design based on the Swiss Re Tower by Foster + Partners.
  • And more

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