Footwear plug-in development
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Design&Develop since 1990 shapes ideas into shoes. We concept, design and produce footwear and software for footwear always using and implementing the latest innovation. We are the makers of Jevero and Botcha, among countless other custom tools that we have developed for our customers. We are capable of creating great tools for footwear because we can bring shoes concept to production and we do that successfully since thirty years and counting. 

What we do
We are a creativity factory. Based on the concept you wish to develop, we can offer ideas, tech support and the successful steps to bring it to the market. Moving from your time and budget requirements, we can help you to sort out, develop and deliver your project. We can provide you with the best know-how in the industry, offering our experience from multiple contexts into what your product and business model specifically requires. When the goal is too wild to reach with the existing technology, we forge our own tools. For every chased idea, we develop dedicated software tools, customised machinery and bespoke processes. Once the state of the art present on the market is not enough for our targets, we develop our own innovative solutions.

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