Code Development for Automation in Architecture and Design
(by raiklira)

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Curvas Arquitetura, led by Raik Lira, specializes in integrating advanced solutions such as Rhino Grasshopper and BIM (Building Information Modeling) technologies to revolutionize architectural design. Our services focus on optimizing processes through automation, providing consultancy in computational design, and enhancing project documentation in BIM, ensuring greater precision and efficiency. With expertise in cutting-edge software, we offer customized consultancy and code development to adapt to the specific needs of each project and client.

Services Offered

  • Code Development for Automation:
  1. Automation of routines in architectural projects with Rhino Grasshopper.
  2. Creation of customized scripts for operational efficiency.
  3. Development of custom tools for analysis and simulations.
  • Consultancy in Computational Design:
  1. Strategic guidance on the adoption of specialized software like Rhino Grasshopper.
  2. Training in computer-assisted design and parametric modeling.
  3. Innovative solutions in project optimization and visualization.
  • Integration of Innovative Technologies:
  1. Implementation of artificial intelligence for project data analysis.
  2. Use of augmented and virtual reality for presentations and reviews.
  3. Application of automated systems to enhance creativity and accuracy.
  • Computational Analyses for Project Optimization:
  1. Studies on energy efficiency and sustainability.
  2. Structural simulations for safety and durability.
  3. Environmental impact assessments using high-precision modeling.

With Curvas Arquitetura, transform the way your projects are conceived, developed, and presented, employing cutting-edge technologies to ensure exceptional results.