Cloud Towing Tank
(by Inno Gatin)

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Having access to calm water resistance data early in the design stage can mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful towing tank testing, or event worse - sea trial. Having the ability to access high accuracy data early in the project can save time and money. If you need to optimise your early hull shape design, or check the impact of hull or appendage modifications later in the project on hydrodynamic performance of the vessel, you have come to the right place. Cloud Towing Tank is a specialized service provider that offers quick and easy access to high quality CFD results that helps ship designers make the right choice. Our standardised calculation procedure ensures consistent quality and short response time. Behind the service are passionate naval architects with a decade of experience with CFD development and application in industry and academy. The CFD code that we use is our own development, and we have shaped it to the needs of Naval Architects. All we need from you is a high quality STL file of your hull form that can be exported from Rhino, or a Rhino file itself, that we can use to export the STL ourselves.