Borg Markkula | Computational Design Development and Consulting
(by Kane Borg)

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We develop custom tools and applets for Rhino including proprietary plugins for Grasshopper. We are open to any design field requiring computational design consulting and development. Some fields that we provided solutions for include Architecture/Engineering/City Planning/Design by Committee workflows/Industrial Design/AI augmented design workflows/Design documentation infrastructure/GIS.

Services we offer: 

  • Rhino & Grasshopper proprietary plugin development. 
  • Ground up service development and deployment.
  • Lite workflow consulting - getting to a design goal fast by leveraging existing knowledge and infrastructure! 
  • Computational design investigations for design applications (Architectural Design, Landscape Design, Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Jewelry Design) 
  • Digital fabrication support for prototyping and manufacturing applications (Parametric tool path planning, Machine code compiling) 
  • Toolset development for design automation 
  • Web integration for developed tools and solutions 
  • Web shop development for customizable online products (we also do shape diver integrations) 
  • Artist support for visual coding and web3 development. 
  • R&D - we love resolving design problems and we welcome all design challenges!  
  • We also offer remote computational design tutoring for your needs by request.