xTrimSrfWithCrvs / xSplitSrfWithCrvs
(by cadacombs)

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Different than Rhino's _Trim, this script:

  • When no trimming curves are explicitly selected, trims using all selectable (wire) curves and surfaces edges.
  • Has an option (enabled by default) to only trim with curves and edges that are actually on the surface.
  • Has an option (enabled by default) to leave vertices at all polycurve joints instead of automatically merging at smoooth joints.
  • Has an option (keep by default) to either keep or trim away (a la _Trim) the picked region of the face.
  • When the trimming objects form "islands" on the trimmed face, performs multiple trims, with the resultant sections not contiguous to one another.
  • When surfaces of polysurfaces are trimmed, extracts the surfaces from their polysurface.

Different than Rhino's _Split, this script does not extract the resultant surfaces from the surface or polysurface.  Its functionality is similar to xBrep_trimSurfaceWithCurves.py as described above.

There is no installation; place all contents of the downloaded .zip into a Module Search Path for Rhino Python, e.g., %AppData%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\scripts and run the intended .py through various means (https://developer.rhino3d.com/guides/rhinopython/python-running-scripts/ )

Known limitations:

  • Unlike _Trim, there is no Undo option during the command, so when mutiple faces are needed to be trimmed, it is recommended to periodically end the script and restart to utilize Rhino's Undo buffer.
  • Scripts are developed and maintained in the current production version of Rhino (version 7 in 2021).  Scripts may work in previous versions (V5-), but are not regularly tested in them.

Revision history in YYMMDD format:
210713: Initial release
221006: Bug fixes.
231102: Improved determining whether some short curves are valid cutting objects.

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