Studio 3DX | Real-time BIM coordination
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With Studio 3DX you can securely store and visualise your BIM models and information to coordinate in real-time and track everything your team is working on. Use it for all your projects, however small or big.

Host your own BIM meetings and benefit from the full suite of coordination tools:

  • Unlimited Members
  • Storage 100 GB/ Member
  • Virtual meetings (video, audio, share screen), 
  • Live 3D Sessions - Share the real-time location of your 3D position in the BIM viewer so that all participants show what you are looking at,
  • 3D Follow - Save time from sharing the screen and encourage participation by following the BIM coordinator (or anyone) within the BIM viewer, 
  • Include your client for free
  • Import and report design issues - Report BCF issues and create inquiries from within the BIM viewer for faster coordination.
  • Divide the work into Disciplines and Phases - Create your own custom BIM matrix with phases and types depending on your project requirements and start uploading your IFC models and altered versions.

Check the complete list of features on our product page and watch a demo here.
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