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(by Ben Walker)

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Struc Scripts are our collection of grasshopper tools for Architects and Structural Engineers. They automate typical design tasks such as framing, sizing, wind distribution and structural modelling.

  • Structured Auto Frame - Generate a structural beam layout for any building shape.
  • Structured Resi Framer - Get a structural design for your residential project.
  • Structured Frame Crafter - Turns architectural models or CAD into structural analysis models. 
  • Structured Modeler - Allows Rhino/Grasshopper to act more like traditional structural software or Revit. Produce a 3D model of your structure in seconds, not days.
  • Structured Autowind - A script to automatically determine how wind load will distribute on a building.
  • Structured RC Sketcher - Draw reinforced members quickly in 3D based on parametric inputs.
  • Truss Analysis - Speed up Tension-Compression truss analysis.
  • Composite Designer - A script to design composite steel beams straight from a model in real-time.
  • Timber Designer - A script to design timber members straight from a model in real-time.
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