Sample House Project
(by Keith's CAD Services)

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I've included a ZIP file that contains the 3DM along with any custom display modes I've used in the model (let me know if there are any problems, or you'd prefer a second version using Rhino's built-in display modes).

My original plan was to establish clear and defined workflows (ways of doing things) for each and every aspect of the project. As I worked on this project I kept evolving. It's really hard to come up with a single way that works for everyone. Everything factors in: project type; how much time you're able/willing to spend; how powerful your hardware is; how large the PDF is when you print; and the list goes on. My next project might include a clear and defined way of doing things. This one is just something you can dissect and maybe use to find your own methods.

Any questions and critiques are welcomed. Do note that the project was kind of thrown together at the end as I ran out of time. And it's experimental; there's some stuff I wouldn't spend time on in a real project. The project was also done using native Rhino, no plugins or add-ons, and more or less no Grasshopper (I did cheat a bit but you'd be able to recreate it without Grasshopper). Generating the amount of Make2D linework that I have would be a strong business case for using VisualARQ - it does a much better job with the linework, and cleaning up the Make2D took a little longer than would be acceptable in a production situation.

One of my main goals when creating this was to demonstrate the feasibility (and challenges) of creating a project entirely in Rhino (with or without plugins). I'm considering starting a group where we contribute resources that would make this easier. If you're interested in that please feel free to reach out.


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