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Mix of RhinoScript and RhinoPython scripts written by me and forum members.

Hopefully proper credit is in the comments. If you are the person who originally wrote one or created anything in this repo and would like it removed please contact me. I meant no harm. Apologies in advance.

As far as suppport for the scripts, you are on your own, I'm willing to help but I don't know how much help I would be. Feel free to contact me and I'll do what I can.

The downloadable *.zip file available here is a capture of the repo on the day I am posting this. I don't update it very often, if rarely ever.
kleerkoat's rhinoScript GitHub Repo

Credits and Thank Yous:

Over the years I have received tons of help from the forums. I'm not a coder, atleast not a proficient one. I have used too many CAD packages to list but out of all of them Rhino has been my goto and the one that I praise the most. Reason being, the generousity of the users and the support from the devs is incredible. Thank you!

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