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Platform KTechno allows users to manage all data about the components's production, single
or most complex (assemblies and multiassemblies).
The complete classification of materials, work cycles and documents (Cad files, images, pdf)
permits to save all informations without lost data and make a customized BOM with data for
equipments (printers and cnc) ready to start the job.

KTechno is the unique software in PLM class (Product Lifecycle Management) that integrate and
communicate with Rhinoceros but can also communicate with other CAD software on request.

KTechno want to be the best and most complete platform software to manage any professional
activity in 3D printing but also in other traditional mechanical technologies.

About 3D printing materials KTechno help user, with a practice tag key and technical parameters,
to save a list of best materials for the component must be done, this, help users to control,
for each material, the cost of component and decide depending to cost, quality and others features
which material choose for the component’s production.

KTechno contains just more than 140 filaments classified with datasheet, technicals informations and
image samples.

KTechno help user to connect CURA or SLIC3R, converting file from Cad to STL and create gCode
saving the slicing configuration for each materials and each printer.

KTechno can control the printer queue and, if the printer is WiFi connected make possible a complete
online control of printer jobs. Suitable both for single professionals or more complex printers factory.

Since KTechno is for professionals, include a complete customizable CLM interface
(Customers Lifecycle Management) to control all data about your customers (acquired and future).

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