Rhino.Inside for Tekla Structures
(by Sebastian Lindholm)

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The Grasshopper Component for Tekla Structures makes it possible for Tekla users to get the benefits of visual scripting even if they aren't creating the scripts on their own. At the same time it's a powerful way to create new component types for Tekla Structures using visual scripting.

Tekla's custom component is an intelligent object type that can be used for connections, rebars and other details as well as for larger parametric objects like sandwich walls or staircases. The Grasshopper Component in Tekla looks and behaves like a traditional custom component, but the logic is provided by a Grasshopper definition that creates objects in Tekla Structures using Rhino.Inside.

The Grasshopper Component installs to the Component Catalog in Tekla Structures and requires Tekla Structures, Rhino and the Grasshopper-Tekla Live Link installed on the same machine. You can try out Tekla Structures and the Grasshopper-Tekla link for free through Tekla Campus.

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