Rhino Essentials: Eames Plywood Chair
(by luis88luis)

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FIRST PART ABOUT 3D MODELING: The main objective of this exercise is to teach to people how to do high quality 3D NURBS models, following a logical workflow that allows to gain a lot of time without sacrificing the attributes of the 3d model.

It is not important your level. The exercise has been structured so that you learn my workflow in an easy way, based on my experience as a product designer, digital artist and teacher.

The files and benefits that you will obtain are:

• PDF document with more than 120 explanatory pages (captures + explanations).

• Explanations done in Spanish and English (both languages are shown at the same time).

• 13 videos that shows my workflow (65 minutes of duration in total).

• Reference drawing of the Eames Plywood Chair (3300 x 2550 pixels).

• 3D model (without Vray materials neither UV mapping) of the Eames Plywood Chair.

• One (1) consultation via email where you can expose your questions or share your result based on your experience doing the exercise. Essential to check the purchase.

Don’t wait more and take your Rhino modeling skills to another level!

There will be a lot of commands and tips waiting for you. See you next time. ;)

Important note: The purchase does not contain the second part about rendering. 

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