PhotoModeler Photogrammetry Software
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Accurate and Affordable 3D Modeling - Measuring - Scanning

The PhotoModeler Software extracts 3D Measurements and Models from photographs taken with an ordinary camera. A cost-effective way for accurate 2D and 3D scanning, measurement, surveying and reality capture.

PhotoModeler can export accurate 2D and 3D data to Rhino via the native 3dm format. 

Applications for PhotoModeler include

  • Manufacturing and Fabrication for Retrofits (kitchen, bath, home, pool, boats etc.)
  • Accident Reconstruction & Forensics
  • Archaeology
  • Architecture & Preservation
  • Biology
  • Engineering & Surveying
  • Film, Gaming, and Animation
  • UAS / Drones

The exported data to Rhino 3dm can include points, lines, surfaces, NURBS (curves and surfaces), triangulated meshes, photo-textures, and locations of the camera that took the photos (great for backplate work). 

See details on how PhotoModeler interfaces with Rhino. 

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