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In this playlist, we review the concept of parameterization in Grasshopper, discussing parameters, parametric equations, and domains. We cover number remapping, image-based mapping, graph mapper, and revisit data filtering tools.


At Learn Visual Programming, we aim at creating a thorough guide for using Grasshopper in Rhinoceros. Our main objective is to provide an efficient and pleasant learning experience for both beginners and advanced users. Here you will find explicit video tutorials, comprehensive explanations, and easy-to-follow exercises that foster the understanding of Grasshopper and visual programming in general.

All tutorials are grouped into playlists based on their topic and required proficiency. To ensure gradual learning, the videos and the playlists are structured in sequential order, designed to be followed consecutively, but are wholesome even if watched separately.

Authors: Lina Vestarte, Petras Vestartas

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