Paperspace -- Desktop in the Cloud
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Paperspace is the world's first Virtual Desktop solution built for high-end graphic intensive workloads with software like Revit, Rhino, the Adobe Suite, simulations, and rendering. All machines come standard with a powerful GPU and the storage, RAM, and CPU can be scaled on-demand. Paperspace enables nearly instantaneous file transfer for real-time collaboration between offices, remote employees and at the jobsite. Founded by former architects, we're offering the Food 4 Rhino community a $10 discount code to get started today: food4rhino


+ Super simple sign up process, no I.T. required.
+ GPU accelerated machines for running complex simulations 
+ 10 Gigabit private networking for instantaneous file transfer
+ Powerful Xeon CPU's for rendering
+ Low latency streaming protocol
+ Monthly and Hourly pricing

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