Mountain Goat - Laser Cut Contour Site Model Tool
(by Zachary Ebbers)

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It started with a laser cut site model for Capstone Studio. I thought grasshopper could help with dimensions and seeing what scale I need to laser cut at. 

Turns out Grasshopper can do a lot more.

This idea evolved into a tool. A tool that can help create laser cut contour models.

There is no guarantee that mountain goats will be traversing your finished site model.


This tool takes 1:1 contour lines from a software like CADmapper and creates curves for a laser cut file. The tool uses the stepped contour method to save materials (only uses 2-6 sheets of material instead of 30+). The output curves can then be placed in a shop/lab template (for instance SCADLab or your university’ lab).

Must have missing plugg-ins resolved. If prompted, download these plugins: Pufferfish, Tree Sloth, Peacock, and Wombat.


- Calculates total dimensions of physical model

- Engraves buildings, roads, and paths into contour steps.

- List of scale and scale factors (1/16”, 1/18”, 1:192, 1:64 etc)

- Number and tag material sheets and contours

- Input your material dimensions and thickness and see the largest scale you can fit! 

- Automatically puts baked geometry on a colored layer. By default the colors match SCADLab standards. 

Future Updates:

- Side Profiles Creation
- Subdividing larger sites into laser cut sections. For models larger than laser cutter allowable bounds.

Pufferfish, Tree Sloth, Peacock, and Wombat. Can be found on 
Bake Componet from Peacock Pluggin.
Divide Branches component from TREESLOTH (by davestasiuk) 
Mountain Goat icon by Yu luck from the Noun Project

Made in Rhino Version 6  (6.33.20343.16432, 2020-12-08) and Grasshopper Build 1.0.0007

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