Minimum Bounding Box
(by ThomasAn.)

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Direct link to latest: MinBoundingBox3d

This is the revised version of my 2007 improvisational script of the same name using a brute-force method with successive refinement.
It creates a Box that tightly wraps an object, as for example to find the smallest packaging dimensions possible without wasting space. Rhino's native bounding box doesn't currently do this (it only makes a cplane, or World aligned box, which is not the smallest possible)

If saved on a directory and then called via creating a Rhino alias it will behave like a native rhino command.

It computes either Volume or Area min boxes for non-planar geometry and Area or Perimeter boxes for planar geometry. It can handle any type (at least as far as I tested) including blocks, groups, polysurfaces, extrusions, etc.  

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