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Lofter is the first 3D surface modeler, powered by Microsoft Excel © and with object shape controlled by means of a fast, easy and flexible programmable technology.

Originally developed for marine and aerodynamic applications (design of hulls, appendages, bulbs, foils, wings and other airfoil shaped surfaces), Lofter finds his natural extension in a broad range of applications, where shape continuity and surface smoothness are strongly required. A suite of interactive tools and smart algorithms allows controlling the surface shape and curvatures during the design session. At each design step, Hydrodynamics, Stability and dimensional parameters are calculated and printed on line.

Lofter outputs lattices of surface points coordinates in tabular form, for renderers and the CAD/CAM sources used for CAE analysis and definition of interiors and final detailing. Specific Rhinoscript commands are also added to quickly export the Lofter grids to Rhinoceros.

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