JFR(Jewellery For Rhino)
(by 千江)

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Independently researched and developed by LINGXIWENHUA, JFR is a auxiliary plug-in to modeling for jewelry, which uses modeling technology of Individual Surface, adopts C++ Programming Language to develop and integrates the advantages on efficient modeling of Jewelcad and mass parameterization of Grasshopper based on Rhino Surfaces Modeling Software to more conveniently modify the model, manage common accessories for increasing repetition rate of model and combine parameterization for improving modeling efficiency.

        JFR, only spreading in their circle of friends since 2013, first was the fruit of inventor’s hobbies. But it had gained its popularity with the increasing recognition to users for JFR. Up to today, JFR is well received by the public for its powerful and comprehensive modeling function. And this product now helps to promote the development and research for hundreds of companies product. Complying with development trend of jewelry industry, JFR is one of the driving forces of this trend as well.

           Reading this manual, everyone will harvest a deep understanding to JFR. LINGXIWENHUA R&D team hope to get some friendly feedback and suggestions after all of you use our product. In this way, can we research and develop more comprehensive function to promote development of the jewelry industry.  

Let’s know more specific functions about the JFR!

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