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JewelryCAM is a one of a kind 5-axis simultaneous CAM program designed to run on NSCNC machines. It contains both, fully automatic, and custom operations modules which allow it process simple 3D models as well as complex ones. It runs on Rhino 5 or 6 allowing for a smooth integration between designing/modelling and CAM/post process work. 

The program has modules: Automatic “Engagement Rings” and ”Wedding Bands”, Custom Operations, Machine Simulation and Tool Library.

Operations: Cut on Curve, Parallel Cuts, Drive Surface, Swarf, Engraving, Duplication, Mirroring, Rotating and Moving.

Initial release: JewelryCAM-1 in 2015.
Stable release:  JewelryCAM-2 in 2019.

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