Human outpost creation using multiple data sets and computational design
(by alakelele)

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On the 28th of October 2021, I presented at the International Astronautical Conference 2021 in DUBAI my most recent project IAC-21-B3.7.10 “Using Computational Techniques for the Optimal Design of Evolving Habitats”

And on the 12th of Jully 2022, at the ICES 2022, I presented "Human outpost creation using multiple data sets and computational design" ICES-2022-181 RESEARCHGATE PERSONAL WEBSITE GITHUB

You can use it to create in minutes a human outpost on Mars, using different data sets, including the SIMOC simulation result: and the sets at

You will need those plugins for grasshopper:

Spacesyntaxdesign ver

jSwan | ver: 1.2.1

Parakeet ver 0.8.3

Antflow | ver:

Human | ver: 1.3.1

Heteroptera | ver:

MeshEdit Components | ver:

Pufferfish | ver:

TT Toolbox ver 2.0

There are two versions of this code, one for native Rhino and one for Rhino.inside.Revit.
This is the first step on the way to a much bigger project that welcomes everyone.

I would like to invite people with experience/interest in simulation, computational design to read/use my code, use it and improve it.

I hope you will benefit from it. please reach out to me if you have any question or if you would like to collaborate.

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