Hinged door with handles set
(by F.Salla)

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This set of doors has some features that are missing in the system Hinged doors of VisualARQ templates. 

They include Handles with some parameters.

They have some Opening lines.

The leaves have an alignment parameter with the frame

Available for Rhino 6, 7, and 8.


Object type:

  • Door


  • Hinged Glass with Handle
  • Hinged with Handle
  • Hinged Double Glass with Handle
  • Hinged Double with Handle


  • Frame
  • Leaves
  • Glass
  • Handles
  • Operation lines
  • 2D components for the Plan view representation
  • Muntins (for Single Leaf doors)


  • Overall dimensions: height and width
  • Frame dimensions: width and depth
  • Leaf frame dimensions: depth and width
  • Aperture (%)
  • Aperture Plan view (%)
  • Adjust Frame to Wall thickness
  • Alignment
  • Alignment offset
  • Wall-Frame alignment
  • Leaves-Frame alignment
  • Handle height and margins
  • Handle type
  • Glazed leaves?
  • Invert opening side?
  • Opening lines Orientation (Hinges or Handle)
  • Vertical and Horizontal Muntins count


It is necessary to have VisualARQ installed to use these objects.

Run the vaStylesImport command to import this style into your document.

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