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HECSTAB is a highly-flexible tool for the naval architect involved in the design and regulatory evaluation of both ship and non-ship shaped assets. Within HECSTAB, the user can develop multiple models to analyze trim, intact stability, damaged stability, and longitudinal strength. Throughout the design process, HECSTAB allows the user to easily make changes and quickly analyze the results. In addition to traditional fixed-axis free-to-trim calculations, HECSTAB can perform variable heeling axis (free twist) calculations that greatly reduce the number of calculated conditions. An ideal tool for every user, HECSTAB contains an integrated modeling package, a hierarchical analysis interface, streamlined wizard-style analysis templates, and a state-of-the-art Python scripting interface.

  • RhinoPython script provided to quickly generate analysis model directly from Rhino3D 
  • Full Rhino plugin and Grasshopper tools in the works!
  • Intact and damaged stability analysis for ship shapes or offshore structures
  • Variety of available analysis packages, including maximum KG evaluations and SOLAS Part B-1
  • Longitudinal strength analysis (ship shapes)
  • Fixed axis (free to trim) or variable Axis (free twist) evaluation
  • Python scripting engine with condition evaluation and vessel modeling API
  • Compatible with CargoMax™ and HECSALV™
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