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After downloading the scripts and DLLs, please check if "KingOfMonsters.dll" is not blocked by clicking the "Property" in the right-click menu. If you see the "unblock" checkbox, it is blocked. In that case, just check it and close the dialog.

2022/12/28 A CPU version that runs on a CPU and does not require Cuda-ready Nvidia GPU is finally out. This page is for distributing the GPU version that DOES require a Cuda-ready Nvidia GPU. If you are looking for a CPU version, it is here.

This package provides Grasshopper example definitions that execute a NURBS-based shell form-finding method using Airy's stress function.
Your donation to this project is always welcomed! (redirected to a PayPal page)
While most existing form-finding algorithms cannot handle continuous tension-compression mixed stress states correctly, this Airy's stress function-based tool searches for both the shell and stress functions simultaneously so that a correct pair of tension-compression mixed shell and stress function can be eventually found.

**11/29/2022 Example problems were fine-tuned so they produce nicer-looking results. 

**10/05/2022 improved usability a lot. The example files were cleaned and simplified. A "run" bottom has been added to control the timing of the component to start the computation. Removed redundant parameters that can actually be automatically computed within the main component.
**08/18/2022 tweaked a few parameters in the example problems and renamed the example files to more descriptive ones.
**08/03/2022 UI fix.
**07/30/2022 minor update. 
**07/27/2022 minor update (validation check has been added). 

Each GH definition contains a C# component named "Godzilla". The Godzilla references two external libraries: 1. KingOfMonsters.dll(included in the zip archive) 2. Cuda toolkit library.
To run the scripts, a CUDA-ready Nvidia GPU and the installation of the Cuda toolkit library are necessary.
If the CUDA toolkit library is correctly installed, the DLLs should be automatically found and referenced. This version is compiled against the Cuda toolkit library 11.x. Although Cuda toolkit 12 has already been released, this package works with Cuda toolkit 11 only.

The KingOfMonsters.dll should be automatically found and referenced if saved in the same folder as the GH definition you open. If not, you must manually add a reference to the DLL file by right-clicking the C# component and navigating to "manage assemblies." This version comes with OpenMP libraries (libomp5md.dll, and libompstubs5md.dll). Please keep them in the same folder as where KingOfMonsters.dll is located.

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