Gemstone collection as NURBS solids
(by Gary Dawson)

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Gemstone meshes make you crazy?

This is a gem collection in all NURBS solids with Rounds, Ovals, Emerald Cuts, Trillions, Pear Shapes, Princess, Cushion, Marquise and Heart shape gems with Materials assigned. These can be copied from the 3DM file and pasted into any model directly. The material assignment goes with the gem and once copied into your file can be scaled and positioned as necessary to complete your creation! A bonus is that as solids, these can be used as cutters to help you shape prongs.  Formatted for Rhino 6 Render.  

The Sample Pac of round gems is available for free download here and the full collection available from download on the website link for a modest fee.  

Note:  Now includes a Cushion Cut and Heart Shape!  I'll update the photo soon.  

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