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[Changelog 2019 February 3: Fixed layer block warning

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This script will generate furniture as 2d wireframes and 3d polysurfaces, as block in any Dimension YOU want.

  •  No more design issues using different cad-furniture libaries with different furniture shapes.
  •  through rhino "block count" command you are able to count placed furnitres, and maybe build a furniture wishlist ... :) 


The Block contains also information about the width, length, height [in cm and folderheight]

The Blocks contains also indicator of their need functionareas refer to ASR (Arbeitsstaettenrichtlinie )

Following furnitures are available:

  • Shelf [also as Upright-Section]
  • Shelf cabinet [also as Upright-Section]
  • Sideboard [also as Upright-Section]
  • Table,[rectangular and trapezoid tables]
  • Desk
  • L-Desk
  • Bed  [1 - ∞ seats ]
  • Sofa [1-∞ seats]
  • pedestal
  • mobile pedestal

newest Version and full documentation at github:



NOTE: dowload the file, unzip the file and double click at furniture.rhi to install,

    if this don't work, try to install the manual by calling EditPythonScript / runPythonScript





Short Changelog, for detailed changelog take a look at my github website, click the website link:

  • [Changelog 2019 February 3: Fixed layer block warning
  • [...]
  • [Changelog 2019 January 20: Fixed (previous) layers locks]
  • [Changelog 2019 January 05: Fixed installer, by clicking at the 'furniture.rhi' file the script will be installed ]
  • [...]
  • [Changelog 2018 November 30: Insert Point by user selection.]
  • [...]
  • [Changelog 2018 August 27 : Uploaded First Version ]


This Script is currently under development expect some Errors or features :) ! No Warranty!

Tested with Rhino 5 & 6 with windows


author Joern Rettweiler @ January 2019

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