Free Rapid Hull Modeling and Fairing Script
(by Gerard Petersen)

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RhinoCentre offers this free resource to generate a fair ship hull in little time and be able to edit the shape of it easily. The example hull type contains a bulbous bow and a pram shape aft body. Most other ship types are also possible.

The scripts are explained and published in a blog article on the Rhinoceros Report blog.

Extra functionalities of the script are:

  • Real time hydrostatics: Volumetric Displacement and Center of Buoyancy
  • Real time lines plan
  • Curvature graph of Stations/Waterlines/Buttocks

The download ZIP file offers two ways to generate the ship hull:

  1. Fully parametric with the Grasshopper defintion "01 RapidHullFullyParametric".
  2. Partly paramteric needs both the Grasshopper definition "02 RapidHullPartlyParametric" as well as Rhino loft curves from the Rhino file "02 RapidHullPartlyParametric" to generate a fair ship hull.

Please review this script down below and write us your comments, idea's, improvements and results.

Have fun!

Gerard Petersen (naval achitect)

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