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Flusur (Fluid dynamics Surface)  is a new and unique mathematical model for parametric design of airfoils and 3D geometric objects with aerodynamic surfaces. This model represents a new starting point to aerodynamic design, providing an integrated exploratory environment that easily allows the user to describe geometries by manipulating parameters of a sophisticated built-in math model. By simply manipulating scrollbars, the user can design geometries such as wings, fins, bulbs, hydrofoil, etc. Flusur can export the NURBS curve/surface representations of created airfoils/geometries into other CAD applications. Its simplicity, instantaneous speed of design and its unique quality of geometries renders Flusur as a powerful instrument in airfoil development whereby the art of design remains in the domain of the designer's creativity.
Use the contact form  to ask for a free license key. The free license is for personal use only.
If you use Flusur geometries in your projects, we ask that you acknowledge Flusur.

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