Find path with max slope on topography mesh
(by Redbeeerd)
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I needed a quick way to sketch out alternate paths between points while taking max slope into consideration. I found an existing definition that uses surfaces, but since I have a very detailed mesh I did some modifications to make it work. Instead of using a geometry intersect between the surface and a lofted radius to find a path forward I used a circle divided into points that I then projected down onto the mesh.
I am new to Grasshopper and it would be a lot better if you read the original post and definition. For the same reason I cannot guarantee that the definition is formatted very well.... ;-)
Please let me know if you find errors in how the slope evaluation is done, I use this at work for sketching in early stages of city planning.
The original definition was made by Joseph Claghorn and can be found at
It was made using Rhino Version 6 SR22 (6.22.20028.13281, 01/28/2020) and Anemone

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