Environment for Revit® Streamlines BIM Collaboration
(by Yotam Ashkenazi, Arch-Intelligence)

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Streamlined BIM Collaboration

Break down workflow barriers between Rhino and Revit with the innovative Rhino Assets tool by Environment for Revit®. Now, you can design stunning spaces in Rhino and seamlessly integrate them into Revit projects, without the need for any Rhino expertise on the receiving end.

Whether you're working with Revit yourself or collaborating with others, this powerful feature takes interoperability to a whole new level. Here's how:

  • No Rhino Skills Required: Share your Rhino models (.3dm) directly with your BIM team, eliminating export hassles and compatibility issues.
  • Intuitive Console: Navigate the import process with ease using the user-friendly console, unlocking a range of powerful features.
  • Rhino to Revit Families: Effortlessly import your Rhino objects as native Revit families, preserving your design and taking advantage of Revit's functionality.
    • System Families: Transform Rhino surfaces into Revit floors or topographies.
    • Existing Families: Convert your Rhino objects into existing Revit families for a perfect fit.
    • New Families: Create entirely new Revit families from your Rhino geometry, retaining the smoothness of your model.
  • Material Management: Maintain your Rhino Display Color or assign new Revit materials for a unified aesthetic and accuracy.
  • Clean and Efficient: Easily hide irrelevant elements, optimizing your project.

With Rhino Assets, collaboration is effortless, and your design vision remains intact.

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