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Edificius® - Rhino/Grasshopper® integrator (Available in October 2020)

Computer-aided design has definitely had a great impact on the way we design buildings and structures. However, in recent years, design assisted by algorithms has taken this capability even further. Check out how you can now enhance your Rhino/Grasshopper workflow by implementing Edificius® as your BIM software for architectural design, construction cost estimating, terrain modelling, project management with Gantt diagram based timing, AI rendering and immersive Virtual Reality.

Empower your creations with generative design details using a seamless integrated workflow between Edificius® and Rhino/Grasshopper®.
Architects and engineers now have the freedom to experiment with new organic forms and improve their design ideas for designing better buildings but implementing a professional BIM software for Architecture such as Edificius.

The Edificius-Rhino integrator connects the two design environments (algorithmic design and BIM) allowing AEC professionals to use their Edificius BIM models as the reference model of their design to build upon with an algorithmic design logic using Rhino/Grasshopper. This kind of workflow goes alongside other integrations developed in Edificius allowing designers to start from their 3D building geometry in BIM to add their intelligent design details in Rhino/Grasshopper.

A full BIM design workflow with Edificius BIM for Architecture by ACCA software (download here) to take full advantage of the Rhino/Grasshopper parametric modeling features while working and collaborating in a BIM solution for Architecture.

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