DB Dark Theme for Rhino 7 ($)
(by Daniel Bachmann)

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This is a Rhinoceros V7 and V8 WIP theme I created to prevent eye fatigue while working in Rhino. You get a balanced dark theme, the same I use for my everyday work.

The theme is designed to work in Rhino3D V7 and Rhino 8 WIP for Windows only.

By purchasing ther theme on my Gumroad for the price of a coffee, you support me, enabling me to produce more content until I am out of unemployment.

What you get

Two themes, a "Flat" and "DarkTabs" .ini file that you can import using options/import in Rhino

A screenshot of all changed color settings (This way you can see what was changed and customize on your own)

A readme file with installation instructions

Some settings like checkbox colors and option windows can’t be customized in Rhino because the appearance can’t be changed as it is controlled by the operating system color management. You can tweak your OS settings as you wish. For everyday work in the viewport, DB DARK THEME works well for your eyes.

Get DB DARK THEME for Rhino 7 and Rhino 8 here:

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