Crystallon - Simulation with Millipede
(by aporterfield)

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This is a 3-part series of videos on FEA simulation and optimization using Rhino and Grasshopper together with the Millipede and Crystallon plug-ins.

Watch the live introduction here

Part 1 is a very basic overview of FEA using the Millipede plugin. This is for those with little to no experience with FEA simulation. We will cover generating elements with Crystallon, setting up boundary conditions, loads, and visualizing results.

Part 2 is about different techniques for optimization, using the simulation results from Millipede. This will include the internal optimization tools within Millipede, as well as using evolutionary solvers like Octopus. We will learn how to optimize our structure, optimize for additive manufacturing, and validate the results of our optimizations.

Part 3 we will take what we learned in the previous lessons and apply them to a real world scenario. We will learn how to set-up a part for simulation using beam and shell elements. Then we will optimize our part using Millipede’s internal optimization tools, as well as try some other techniques for optimization. Lastly we will create a volumetric mesh from our final design that is optimized for 3D printing.

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