CO2 absorption calculator
(by Alfonso Melero)

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This Grasshopper definition calculates the CO2 absorption of plants created with Lands Design for a specified period of calculation. You can define the age of each one of the species in the project at the date of the analysis and define if the period of calculation will be before or after that date.


Once you get your results, you will be able to export them to a txt file with one click. This Grasshopper definition draws a graph showing all the data; you can see this graph in the origin of coordinates using the Top view and the Hidden display mode.

It is necessary to have Lands Design installed.

All the data used for this calculator has been obtained from the spanish "Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic challenge": They have obtained this data from four different sources:

  • Table 201 of the National Forestry Inventory 3 and the 2nd Annex of the publication "Las Coníferas en el primer Inventario Forestal Nacional".
  • Table 201 of the National Forestry Inventory 3 and the 2nd Annex of the publication "Las Frondosas en el primer Inventario Forestal Nacional".
  • Madrigal Collazo, J.G. et al., Fundación Conde del Valle de Salazar, Madrid, 1999. Production tables for the Spanish mountains.
  • Table 201 of the National Forestry Inventory 3 and Report about the greenhouse gas emissions in Spain 1990-2012.

This calculator is working with the following species:

  1. Abies alba
  2. Abies pinsapo
  3. Acer spp.
  4. Alnus spp.
  5. Arbutus unedo
  6. Betula spp.
  7. Carpinus betulus
  8. Castanea sativa
  9. Ceratonia siliqua
  10. Cedrus atlantica
  11. Celtis australis
  12. Chamaecyparis lawsoniana
  13. Cornus sanguinea
  14. Corylus avellana
  15. Crataegus spp.
  16. Cupressus arizonica
  17. Cupressus macrocarpa
  18. Cupressus sempervirens
  19. Erica arborea
  20. Eucalyptus camaldulensis
  21. Eucalyptus globulus
  22. Fagus sylvatica
  23. Fraxinus spp.
  24. Ilex aquifolium
  25. Juglans regia
  26. Juniperus communis
  27. Larix spp.
  28. Laurus nobilis
  29. Malus sylvestris
  30. Myrtus communis
  31. Olea europaea
  32. Phoenix spp.
  33. Picea abies
  34. Pinus canariensis
  35. Pinus halepensis
  36. Pinus nigra
  37. Pinus pinaster
  38. Pinus pinea
  39. Pinus sylvestris
  40. Pistacia terebinthus
  41. Populus alba
  42. Populus nigra
  43. Prunus spp.
  44. Pseudotsuga menziesii
  45. Pyrus spp.
  46. Quercus faginea
  47. Quercus ilex
  48. Quercus petraea
  49. Quercus pyrenaica
  50. Quercus robur
  51. Quercus rubra
  52. Quercus suber
  53. Rhamnus alaternus
  54. Robinia pseudacacia
  55. Salix spp.
  56. Sorbus spp.
  57. Tamarix spp.
  58. Taxus baccata
  59. Thuja spp.
  60. Tilia spp.
  61. Ulmus spp.
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