Closet - Kitchen closet - drawer cabinet - shelving (GH)
(by Oscar3Dr)

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Closet, kitchen cupboard, clothes closet, drawer cabinet, shelving. Rhino 6
It includes lot of diferent hands and have lot of possibilities like scratched or smooth wood. Now with shelving option.

Made the donation with at least the price, write the definition that you want and your mail, and I'll send it. Thank's!

New version 128 CNC: Some improvements and CNC option to cut the sheets of wood.
New version 127: Redistribution of parameters.
New version 124: New automatic or manual hands mode.
New version 118. Opening of sliding doors. Completely reconfigured hands. Faster.
New version 104. Maximum and minimum adjustment in the holes of the furniture. Correction handle in "L".
New version 101: Many improvements. The code has been redone from 0. It's much faster now. The height of the cabinet is independent of the plinth. The socket can be upper or lower. The location of the handles can be from above or below the door. Fixed shelf option. New Gola "L" and "C" hands.
New version 88: Conditioned to receive a donation... Gola fixed. Improved U-Handle. Export bug for VArq fixed. Customizable rear wood width.
New version 83: New Gola hand. Error correction.
New version 62: Wood thickness of door, body and independent shelves. Improved the centering of the interior shelves for drawers and doors.
New version 60: Option to remove various body parts. New beautify scaling option.
New version 59: Added a new door with a decorative frame.
New version 58: (24/5/2019) Expanded catalog of hands. 20 basic models to choose from. Improved the location of the hands. New nail sunk or hole in wood. New hands.
New version 50: Now the units are in cm, except the basic ones (A). The handles are perfectly positioned in height and separated from the door.
All hands are now parametric. Added the option to scale hand/trim to be able to create an infinite number of new hands. The catalog of hands has changed a bit. 8 clusters have been removed and become one. New option to choose the opening side. New upper and lower opening. New "TT" hand with choice of various sections.
New version 45. Option of random opening of doors or drawers. Door/drawer selection correction. Improved hole location. Now it can be centered or lateral.
New version 44. Offset X option of the base for corner cabinets.
New version 43. Error correction and vertical fingernail available.
New version 39. With catalog of hands.
New version 37. (2/14/2019) Doors or drawers can be opened and closed. New hands. Bug fixes. Now you can make a hole in the top cover (for kitchen and bathroom sinks)
New version 29. All the code I have created again from 0 so that it is compatible with Varq and also you can choose a drawer to open it. Big improvements. The fingernail is now a type of handle with the option of all wood or metal wood. New glass door. New hands.
New version 19. Now the background is always maintained in all cabinet types even with the chosen separation. Bug fixes.
New interior shelving options: Auto: From 2 or more drawers it automatically recognizes the cabinet as a drawer unit.
New version 18. You can choose metal nail part as metal or wood.
New version 16. Option of number of interior shelves independent of the doors and drawers. It also includes the option to rotate for tall cabinets. New cylindrical hand. Includes shelf.

Wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, drawer cabinet, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bookshelf.
Different types of door (smooth or striped). Includes many types of handles and trims. Also customizable.
Different types of foundation.
Shelf option.

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