Automatic Polygon Dimensions
(by Guillermo Varela)
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*Elefront ( and Pufferfish ( are needed.

  • Download the definition and save it.
  • Open your Rhino file.
  • If you already have a layer for dimensions activate it. And if you have an Annotation Style, copy its name to the clipboard.
  • Run _GrasshopperPlayer on Rhino and select the definition.
  • Select all the polygons for auto-dimensioning.
  • Choose if you need Bounding Box dimensions (Yes/No).
  • Insert Offset Distance for exterior dimensions (Interior dimensions offset is 0 by default).
  • Type your own Annotation Style Name (or paste it if you have copied it before) or use the Default one.
  • Select if you want the interior dimensions as triangulations or angles between exterior edges.
    • If you select Angles, then add an offset for them.

The dimensions are baked as groups by polygon and type. Bounding boxes are grouped to make easier changing layer or properties.


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