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Got curious with the GH API when looking for a way to improve how I control and export animations from GH. The definition has one Boolean Toggle and one Slider. If the Boolean Toggle is set to 'True' the system increments the slider automatically until it reaches the slider maximum. When the Boolean Toggle is set to 'False', one can scrobble the slider to see how the animation will look. For Rhino 6 due to some RhinoCommon features for capturing images from a Rhino Viewport. This will capture whatever is happening in the active Rhino Viewport to a png file.

This definition is inspired partly by Giulio Piacentino's work related to creating animations on earlier versions of Grasshopper

One could extend this to add:

  • Chainable animations
  • Ensure that the right viewport is being captured by adding Viewport Name.
  • Add output file type (.png, .jpg, etc).
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