Advanced 3D printing with Grasshopper: Clay and FDM.
(by cuevas)

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This book forms a connection between both the worlds of Grasshopper® and 3D printing, explaining how to transform a design into a series of curves and paths for a 3D printer to use. It teaches how to write and create G-code directly within Grasshopper®, without the use of scripts or plug-ins, in easy format for existing Grasshopper®  users to understand. Big experience using the software is not required, but skilled users will be able to take full advantage of the content.

The book focused mainly on clay 3D printing, but the same logic can be applied to thermo-filament 3D printing (FDM) as well. The methods taught open up a wide range of new possibilities when 3D printing, like non-planar printing or non-conventional paths for the 3D printer.

Authors: Diego Garcia Cuevas & Gianluca Pugliese 

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