(by Hwang Yi)
Zebroid is a quick optimizer for Grasshopper, based on a newly developed hybrid metaheuristics. It optimizes architectural shapes or complex mathematical functions.
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Zebroid is a quick optimizer (by Dr. Hwang Yi): Quadruple hybridization of the mesh-adaptive pattern search, differential evolution, tabu search, and cuckoo random walk for faster and robust architectural or engineering optimization.

Description of input parameters to run

Variables: Numeric input (number slider)

Objective: Numeric value to be minimized/maximized

Threshold: A value acceptable for termination

memorySize: Tabu memory length

popSize: Size of a population for differential evolution and levy flight random walk

stagFactor: Number of iterations to switch to differential evolution

Run: Start over 

ForceStop: Pause or stop

Resume: Restart after pause

This can be used to solve any form of minimization/maximization problems as well as multi-objective optimization.

I hope you enjoy this tool. This will be helpful to you in your design process!