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One command to remember:xray. View geometric details of Rhino Objects. Copy/paste from neat tables into Excel.  A more efficient design and review process than 'what' and 'details'
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Free Open Beta! This is the Falcata Group's vision of an expansion on the ideas behind the 'What', 'Details', and ''List' commands in Rhino utilizing the Cloud Zoo for licensing.  There's only one command to run, xray.  The entire manual is a one page Quick Start guide that covers _everything_ because effective tools are simple to use: https://falcatagroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/XRay-Rhino-Plugin-Quick-Start-Guide.pdf

It enables viewing object details without breaking up your workflow: a small window sits quietly wherever you would like and displays information about whatever Rhino Object or subobject you select (mouse click or the advanced selects).  To compare objects, you can open multiple windows and take advantage of the pinning feature.  Non-elementary Rhino objects are presented using a tree view to browse components (such as spans of a polycurve or faces of a Brep).  You can even copy/paste geometry information to Excel.

One time free trial for indiviuals, 15 days - FLCT-XP00-0000-0000-0000-0000. Windows only (for now - want to be a Mac Alpha Tester?).  Register your copy using McNeel's Cloud Zoo at "My Account" inside https://www.rhino3d.com/my-account/

Download via Rhino's built-in Tools->Package Manager menu and tool.  Please restart Rhino after installing or uninstalling.

XRay runs in Rhino 8 and Rhino 7.32 or more recent.  In Rhino 8, it will work in whichever .NET version the user has chosen for Rhino (4.8 or 7.0).

Open beta: this is a commercial product but the details are pending.  We want to keep it simple.  Have thoughts? Let us know at our support email.

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Xray 1.0.5
Detailed Geometric information about selected objects: Dimensions, volume/surface area/length, degree of curves/surfaces, and more plus easy copy/paste of those values into other tools such as MS Excel. Load it up, run command xray to open a window, and click on Rhino Ob...
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XRay Quick Start Guide
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