xPoints4Rhino - import / export 3d points
(by Sérgio Correia_1)
xPoints4Rhino is a plug-in for Rhinoceros® developed to import and export any file in text format.
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xPoints4Rhino - import / export 3d points
There is a wide range of text formats, with coordinates, vectors and thickness values, used in contact probes, robots, NC machines, CMM Machines, etc.
Although there are pre-configured formats, this plug-in allows you to configure formats in a simple way.
The coordinates support any measurement system (supported by Rhino) and vectors for multi-axes machines can be expressed in IJK or Euler angles, in radians or degrees.

Devices and software
Interact directly with your device or exchange data between applications!
    - Robots; mill, cut, weld, handle, inspection, etc.
    - NC machines; mill, lathe, wire, turn tables, etc.
    - CMM machine; list of points to inspect.
    - Contact probes; list of points measured.
    - Toolpath software; Send data to CAM/Robot/CMM software to generate the path directly from the file.

Online command help includes the command description, options, steps and examples for getting started.
Youtube channel with tutorials.
- Troubleshoot installation or upgrade issues.
- Remote and local training are available.

To install
- Download the xPoints4Rhino plugin.
- Close all instances of Rhinoceros and install the plugin.
- Next time you open Rhinoceros, the plug-in will be loaded automatically.
- Run any plugin command, this will open the plugin about dialog. Click evaluation and follow the steps.

License Cost:
xPoints4Rhino v1.0.22.301
Rhino 7 for Win