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The intuitive CAD solution - Design your products with less effort, faster, and smoother
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Subdivision, bridges, Y-branches, smooth surface patches, starpoint creation with G2 or higher continuity and much more. XirusCAD provides a new, intuitive CAD solution for organic and freeform modeling. 

Getting started

0. Getting a license key

A license key is required to run XirusCAD for Rhino.
You can get a free 30-day license key to try the full version of XirusCAD: https://mirrakoi.com/download-xiruscad/. No credit card is required!
You can also purchase the full version of XirusCAD, with different pricing options: https://mirrakoi.com/xiruscad-pricing/

Currently, XirusCAD is available for Windows. The same license key works for Rhino 7, 6 and 5 as well. Note that for Rhino 6 compatibility, version 6.31 or higher needs to be installed (6.30 and previous are not compatible with XirusCAD). The unique license key will be sent to you by e-mail.

1. Hardware and Software Requirements

Windows: XirusCAD is available for Windows.
Rhino 6 or Rhino 5 (64-bit): XirusCAD is currently developed for Rhino 6 and Rhino 5. Note that for Rhino 6 compatibility, version 6.13 or higher needs to be installed (6.12 and previous are not compatible with XirusCAD).

2. Installation

2.1. Download the file XirusCADDownloader.exe. Double-click on the file and it will automatically download and install XirusCAD as a Rhino-plugin. 

2.2. Restart Rhino. When launching XirusCAD, you will be asked to activate your license. Both online and offline activation is possible. Follow the instructions of the License Wizard.

3. Uninstall

To uninstall XirusCAD, close all Rhino applications. Then, go to Control Panel>Uninstall a program and then find the XirusCAD uninstaller on the list.

4. Support

The complete list of commands (including videos explaining the commands) can be found here: https://mirrakoi.com/xiruscad-documentation/ .

Video documentation is also available on our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/mirrakoi.

5. Feedback

Contact us by e-mail:
support@mirrakoi.com: for general feedback, suggestions, questions and ideas.

Change log:

24.11.2020 - version : Added compatibility with Rhino 7. 

13.08.2019 - version : Added compatibility of XirusCAD surfaces with CurvatureAnalysis, DraftAngleAnalysis, Zebra Mesh, UV Editor, Curvature Graph. Improved XirusJoin functionality for XirusCAD surfaces. 

18.06.2019 - version : Added Watertight commands G0 option. Increased maximum mesh resolution settings by one level. Improved Watertight Match and Join commands. Fixed installation bug on Windows 7. 
06.06.2019 - version : Improved Patch and Bridge commands. New XirusCAD toolbar: curves – curve tools – surface from curves – surfaces – surface tools – etc. New UI for surface creation, Rebuild, Global Subdivide, NURBS to Xirus commands. Removed commands like UniformSubdivide, merged commands like XirusPoints, XirusJoin, XirusExplode, XirusLocalSubdivide. 
10.05.2019 - version : Reformatted Edit Mode as a Rhino DockBar. XirusCAD objects in hidden layers are properly saved. When creating a patch from 4 edges the resulting surface is regular (can do subdivision, etc.). 
03.05.2019 - version : Improved commands: Patch edges interactivity (selectable as grips, able to be extracted, etc.), FaceJoin kernel structure (it gets larger surface parameterizations). Fixed G2 continuity bug regarding Watertight commands. From now on, for Rhino 6 compatibility, version 6.12 or higher needs to be installed. 
09.04.2019 - version : New WatertightBlendEdges and WatertightBlendEdgeLoops commands, improved WatertightJoinEdges and WatertightJoinEdgeLoops commands, improved Window commands like Rebuild and ExpandTangent, improved memory handling and surface data carriers. 
15.03.2019 - version : New XirusCurveExplode command. Added "Help" - Mirrakoi website help URLs are linked to each command
07.03.2019 - version : Added: Initial support for floating licenses, Command line help (F1), Low/High Detail Surface and Curve fields to Edit Mode, Expand Tangent command (only command line). Improved Bridge surface quality to G2. 
07.02.2019 - version : Added console-based activation for IT professionals.
06.02.2019 - version : Final product.