(by Blake Hageman)
Deterministic control and graph representation of modular aggregations. An independent extension of Wasp for Grasshopper by Andrea Rossi.
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Wasp++ is a set of Grasshopper components that extend the functionality of Wasp (by Andrea Rossi). Wasp++ tools are tuned more specifically to recursive structures of aggregation, and alternate modes of analyzing and using aggregation information. Wasp++ components are written in Python, and use source code from Wasp extensively.

Wasp++ has been developed to serve research into aggregations and recursion. In addition to variations on the stochastic and field-driven aggregation methods in Wasp, Wasp++ introduces a procedural aggregation component that allows for deterministic control of aggregation patterns through a sequence of instructions. This functionality allows for the patterns of the aggregation to be distinguished from the geometry, enabling parallel string rewriting of instructions. Drawing heavily from L-systems, this feature opens research inquiry into managing complex, hierarchical systems through simple rules and grammars.

Wasp++ is developed by Blake Hageman and is a product of the Computational Design Lab (CDL) at the Illinois Institute of Technology College of Architecture. CDL is a student-led research initiative advised by Professor Alphonso Peluso.

Wasp++ requires an installation of Wasp to work properly. Wasp is available at: https://www.food4rhino.com/app/wasp

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Wasp++ 0.1.01
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