(by Andrea Rossi)
Open-source combinatorial toolkit for discrete design. Offers tools to quickly generate geometry- and data-driven aggregations of generic parts.
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Wasp is a Grasshopper plug-in, developed in Python, offering combinatorial tools to design with discrete elements. The description of each part includes all information necessary for the aggregation process (part geometry, connections location and orientation). The connections define the topological graph of the part, which is used to define the possibilities of aggregation with other parts. Wasp offers a series of aggregation procedures, allowing geometry- and data-driven generation of structures. Additionally, it provides tools for constraining the resulting aggregation, both at the local and global level, as well as utilities to visualize and process it.



Wasp is free and open-source. Its development is supported by its users through the Wasp Patreon Page. To them goes a great Thank You for enabling Wasp to continue growing:

Arushi Agarwal, Joseph Arc, Joshua Bonamy, Émile Brochu, Анд Рей, Andrés Caicedo, Adam Colestock, Arjen Deetman, diff-arch, Robert Dooley, Ibrahim Dusmukhamedov, Max Fagan, Flux Estudio, Mark Foxworth, Nupur Gandhi, Simon Greuel, Markus Hudert, Soubhi Jabal, Ayush Kamalia, Lucie Ketelsen, Lothar Kolbeck, Arayapon Kumjornpreecha, Littieri M. Lamb, Joseph Loga, Marcus, Martyn Milligan, Mai Thi Nguyen, Nyquist, Eric Pham, Thanat Prathnadi, Anton Savov, Naitik Sharma, Eleni Maria Skevaki, Alexander Stefas, 庆铃 王, Andrea Tomalini, Domonkos Tóth, TreeAsHouse, Μαρία Χατζητζίβα, Roger Winkler, Lei Zhang


Early development of Wasp have been carried out by Andrea Rossi as part of research on digital materials and discrete design at DDU Digital Design Unit  of TU Darmstadt, led by Prof. Oliver Tessmann.

Wasp is heavily influenced by Ladybug Tools, a free and open source environmental suite for Grasshopper. It is using its code template, and follows the Labybug code organization. Some methods from Ladybug may have also been copied.

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