VR-Edge (BETA)
(by Noumena Rx)
VR-Edge is a Add-On where grasshopper users now can upload their parametric designs as VR-WEB.
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Noumena is pleased to introduce you to VR-EDGE, a grasshopper plug-in which deals with models and data visualization directly in Virtual Reality. VR-Edge has been designed for Rhino 3D and Grasshopper 3D to allow users to interact and visualize 3D geometry and data on online platforms. VR-Edge provides an immersive experience  making it possible to navigate and explore objects in the 3D space using customized interfaces.  

VR-Edge is based of A-Frame library and it brings into the grasshopper environment many vr capabilities.


VR-Edge library presents many components to help users building their own vr-scene:

  1. VR-Mesh: Mesh exporter for Web use.
  2. VR-Spot: Geometric links and camera walks.
  3. VR-Viewer: Camera settings.
  4. VR-Materials: Material settings.
  5. VR-Scene: Web builder with scene settings.

Installing instruction:

STEP 1: Include the following files into the special folders / components folder of your grasshopper:





unlock all files after paste into the special folders / components folder.

Replace Newtonsoft.Json.dll and System.Numerics.Vectors.dllI. If is necessary.

STEP 2: Download “Bracket” from the follow link http://brackets.io.

For more information click in the link:   http://vr.noumena.io     http://noumena.io

developer: Starsky Lara

tester: Aldo Sollazzo, Matteo Lomaglio

License Cost: