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Lightweight voxel geometry and boolean voxel operations for grasshopper
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The voxeltools offer ligthweight voxel geometry for Rhino. It allows you to quickly generate and manipulate voxelated geometry from meshes, breps, curves and points, and offers boolean operation between voxelgrids. It can convert voxelgrids to solid mesh hulls.


Rhino 6/7 Use the yak package manager in Rhino 6 or Rhino 7, using the command TestPackageManager in Rhino 6 or PackageManger in Rhino 7, and search for VoxelTools

Alternatively: Rhino 5/6/7: Download the VoxelTools.zip, and place it in %appdata%/components.


Boolean operations

For grids of the same size, you can do boolean operations. Boolean operations on voxelgrids are very quick and lightweight.

  • Add
  • Subtract
  • XOR
  • Invert


  • Voxelgrid to boxes
  • Voxelgrid statistics
  • Voxelgrid to mesh hull
  • Voxelgrid dimensions


  • Export voxelgrid to string
  • Import voxelgrid from string
  • Voxelgrid to List
  • Voxelgrid from List

Need Help?

Please use the github issue tracker if you find bugs

For support please do not e-mail me, but find me (@arendvw) on the McNeel forum, use the tag VoxelTools

Version History

Voxeltools 1.0: release 16/06/2020

  • Cleaned up code base and merged old projects for open source release\
  • Component GridToBoxes: Made both outputs consistent, added output selector
  • Mesh casting: Default casting to mesh is now without false colors
  • Mesh hull: Added non-default option to add false colors to the mesh
  • Voxelate Meshes: Closed meshes are now voxelized much better
  • Voxelate Curves: Curves are voxelated faster and more precise
  • Voxelate Open Breps: Open breps can now also be voxelized with an attractor distance
  • Improved warnings in marching cubes from boolean grid
  • Added icons for grid to hex and hex to grid
  • Obscured non-obvious (pixelgrid) or why factory specific components
  • Added documentation

Voxeltools 0.1: Released 2013-2014

Legacy VoxelTools - Legacy version that has circulated on the forums, The Why Factory and other places. Use this version if somehow your older scripts are not compatible with the new version, but upgrade when you can.

Open source

This software is published under an open source MIT Licence. Code can be found on github.


  • Document scalar grids
  • Document C# scripting usage using VoxelGeometry.dll
  • Document Marching cubes
  • Import/Export for voxbin common voxel formats
  • Import/export 3d shapenet
  • Rotation / movement of voxelgrids
  • Union of non-uniformly sized grids
  • Offset / Grow / Shrink


Arend van Waart, arend@studioavw.nl

Thanks to

David Rutten, Sander Mulders, Huib Plomp, Adrien Ravon, Leo Stuckart, Boudewijn Thomas, Marek Nosek

The Why Factory Studio Porous Structures

Winy Maas, Alexander Sverdlov, Rob Nijsse, Bas Wijnbeld, Manthan Mevada, M.F. Hercules, Mitalee Parikh, Olga Berning, Peng Zhao, Xiao Du, Rudo Valentijn Koot, M.A. Heredia Moreno, Alberto González Ruiz, Narinna Gyulkhasyan

The Why Factory Studio Egocity

Winy Maas, Adrien Ravon, Felix Madrazo, Charles Ducerisier, Chun Hoi Hui, Francesco Barone, Félix Borel, Iason Stathatos, Javier López-Menchero Ortiz de Salazar, Lucile Dugal, Marek Nosek, Matteo Pavanello, Niels Baljet, Olga Terzi, Prokop Matej, Tarryn Leeferink, Wen Jun Tan, Woo Soojung, Zichen Liu, Loes Thijssen


PoroCity, Opening up Solidity, 2018 by Adrien Ravon, Javier Arpa, Winy Maas