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Site analysis and mobility simulations
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Urbano is a new, easy-to-use, urban design tool that allows you to load urban data from OSM into Rhino. This enables you to build contextual models that can be used for simple visualization and site analysis to complex mobility simulations using the loaded street grids. With v1.2, Urbano supports terrain and allows you to build site models with 3D terrain, buildings, and streets with a single click.

The motivation behind the development of Urbano is to facilitate the design of walkable neighborhoods. Urbano allows you to understand the consequences of design choices regarding the street network and the allocation of density, program, and amenities within the urban fabric. Urbano introduces three new urban design metrics (Walkscore, Streetscore, and Amenityscore) and novel and fast ways to import and translate urban data into actionable design feedback using a simple trip sending algorithm. 

If you use Urbano for research, please cite the following paper:
Dogan, T., Yang, Y., Samaranayake, S., & Saraf, N. (2020). Urbano: A tool to promote active mobility modeling and amenity analysis in urban design. Technology| Architecture+ Design, 4(1), 92-105.

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