Urban Network Analysis toolbox
(by city_form_lab)
Urban Network Analysis (UNA) tools for RH5 and RH6 help designers and planners model pedestrian and bicycle access and trips over spatial networks.
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The Urban Network Analysis (UNA) Rhino toolbox offers powerful methods for analyzing spatial accessibility, pedestrian flow and facility patronage along spatial networks.  The UNA toolbox for Rhino was developed in order to make spatial network analysis tools available to architects, designers and planners who do not have access to GIS and typically work on designs in Rhino. Having UNA metrics in Rhino not only allows one to analyze how a specific spatial network performs, but to also incorporate the analysis into a fast and iterative design process, where networks can be designed, evaluated and redesigned in seamless cycles to rapidly improve the outcome. 

Make sure to check out the tutorial videos below and the full Help manual PDF with detailed instructions and explanations.