Unify UVs
(by iker)
This component Unify Surfaces UVs based on a guide Surface. Developed by Spatial Holistic Assemblies Ltd. [SHA]
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This component unifies surfaces UVs base on a guide surface.

Is located in the Surfaces > Util Tab

This is one of the various bespoke tools in C# that Spatial Holistic Assemblies Ltd. [SHA] has developed for internal use in the company. But since this community has been so kind and has given us and all the users so much we decided to compile this component and share it with all as a token of our appreciation.

Copy Right: Developed by Spatial Holistic Assemblies Ltd. [SHA]

New verison Unify UVs v1.1.1:

C# script optimised to increase performance and computation speed. Based on the example file from approx. 1.8s to 170ms (90.5% faster)